Zebra Technical and Software Support - tekniskt stöd - 1 år

Art.nr: Z1B5-EMH250-1000

Zebra Technical and Software Support - Tekniskt stöd - 1-250 licenser - telefonrådgivning - 1 år - 8 x 5 - svarstid: 4 h - för Symbol MT2070, MT2090; Zebra CA50, MT2000, MT2070, MT2090

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• Reduce operational risk and increase uptime, efficiency, and predictability Want to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises in your business? Zebra's TSS can help. For example, Zebra's specialized technical support professionals can help you troubleshoot both hardware and software - including third-party applications available on Zebra devices. Zebra's TSS enables you to easily install Zebra-validated software updates, thus allowing you to avoid costly downtime and possible security breaches caused by outdated software. The TSS service gives you the technical resources you need to maximize performance and reliability of your critical operations throughout the life of your service contract. • Unburden your IT staff Zebra's TSS professionals fully understand the settings and functionality of your mobile computers, barcode scanners and software - so your IT department doesn't have to. Zebra understands how changes made to key components of your technical operations, such as an upgrade to your networking infrastructure or your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, may affect the way your wireless infrastructure, and mobile computers and scanners work. With Zebra's TSS service, your IT department gets the support it needs to keep your operations running smoothly - leaving you free to focus on strategic programs. • Reduce your total cost of ownership Robust management of your IT assets can reduce your long-term operational costs. According to Gartner Research, companies that proactively manage their IT assets experience cost savings ranging from 5% to 30% per year. Zebra's TSS service lowers your IT expenditures by reducing the costs associated with downtime, returns, repairs and unnecessary hardware purchases. It also helps you avoid unexpected expenses and achieve a more predictable operating budget.
Companies rely more and more on technology to support their business-critical operations. This technology is also constantly evolving, which can impact the performance of your crucial assets. Changes or updates to software, to network connectivity or even to your desktops can unexpectedly affect the operation of your wireless scanners and mobile computers. Zebra's Technical and Software Support (TSS) service provides successful resolution of all your technical support needs with fast response times, well-defined service levels, advanced diagnostic tools, access to the software upgrades and speedy outreach to the technical resources of third-party vendors. This enables you to quickly fix performance issues, minimize potential downtime and optimize daily operations.
Typ: Tekniskt stöd
Inkluderad service: Telefonrådgivning
Full kontraktsperiod: 1 år
Svarstid: 4 timmar
Service tillgänglig: 8 timmar per dag/5 dagar i veckan
Installationstyp: Lokalt installerad
Licensprissättning: 1-250 licenser
Service och support: Telefonrådgivning - 1 år - svarstid: 4 timmar tillgänglighet: 8 timmar om dagen / måndag - fredag ¦ E-postrådgivning - 1 år - svarstid: 4 timmar tillgänglighet: 8 timmar om dagen / måndag - fredag ¦ Åtkomst till webbdatabas - 1 år ¦ Uppdatering vid nya versioner - 1 år
Designat för: Symbol MT2070, MT2090 ¦ Zebra CA50, MT2000, MT2070, MT2090