Datalogic Shield - uppdatering av nya versioner - 2 år ZS0SMEM10SH21

Datalogic Shield - Uppdatering av nya versioner - 2 år - för Memor 10

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Det går att beställa produkten nu så skickar vi den så fort den är i lager.
Datalogic Shield is a new software security offering from Datalogic. Datalogic Shield extends the lifecycle of Android mobile computers, offering our customers years of protection on their rugged device investment. Typically, consumer mobile security support ends after 2-3 years. With Datalogic Shield, customers receive an extended period of security support exceeding 5 years, along with OS version upgrades. This reduces the total cost of ownership, reduces security risks, and extends the useful life of their devices.
Full kontraktsperiod: 2 år
Service och support: Uppdatering vid nya versioner - 2 år
Designat för: Datalogic Memor 10