Datamax MP-Series Compact4 Mobile Mark III - etikettskrivare - svartvit - direkt termisk XJ9-00-07000000

Datamax MP-Series Compact4 Mobile Mark III - Etikettskrivare - direkt termisk - Rulle (11,5 cm) - 200 dpi - upp till 125 mm/sek - USB, LAN, seriell

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• Easy to use Loading the Compact4 printers is unlike any other printer in the market. The levers are large and easy to manage, so easy that the operation can be done single handed while wearing a leather or latex glove. The paper path is slotted through the side of the printer with no covers to open or clamshells to unlock. • Reduces errors and increases efficiency Printing directly from the forklift means you no longer have to move to a centralized printing station where the possibility of selecting and applying incorrect shipping labels greatly increases. Printing on demand and on location also improves fuel and time efficiency and by eliminating wasted travel to and from a centralized printing station. • Rugged The Compact4 printers are constructed on a solid cast metal frame and protected with metal die cast covers. Unlike other small printers, the Compact4 series are industrial printers that are built to withstand the rigors of a warehouse or high volume printing application. • Shock and vibration ready Compact4 Mobile offers a special anti-vibration quick-lock mounting plate, a sleek design for forklifts and mobile stations.
The Compact4 is a powerful response to desktop thermal printing requirements, and optimal for on-demand printing, especially where space is limited. The printer is great at the front desk of a hospital or in the box office of a movie theater. Able to deliver continuous operation, the Compact4 is the printer of choice whenever ease of use, reliability and high performance are a must.
Typ av skrivare: Etikettskrivare - direkt termisk - monokrom
Utskriftshastighet: Upp till 125 mm/sek - max hastighet - 200 dpi
Anslutningsteknologi: Kabelansluten
Gränssnitt: USB, LAN, seriell
Maxupplösning (svart/vit): 200 dpi
Teckensnitt: CG Times, CG Triumvirate, CG Triumvirate Bold Condensed, Letter Gothic Bold, OCR-A, OCR-B, Univers Bold, Univers Condensed Bold, CG Times Bold, Univers Medium, Univers Condensed, CG Times Italic, CG Times Bold Italic, Coronet
Egenskaper: Label Taken Sensor (LTS), realtidsklocka, avdragningssensor
Inkluderade typsnitt: 10 x förminskningsbar/förstoringsbar
Streckkoder: Kod 39, QR-kod, MaxiCode, EAN/JAN-13, Interfolierad 2 av 5, PDF417, Data Matrix
RAM installerat (max): 64 MB
Flash-minne: 128 MB
Mediatyp: Biljetter, löpande pappersetiketter, märketiketter, matrisskurna etiketter
Max. mediestorlek: Rulle (11,5 cm)
Min. mediestorlek (standard): 40 mm x 10 mm
Maximal mediestorlek (anpassad): 115 mm
Mediestorlekar: Rulle (4 - 11,5 cm)
Max utskriftsbredd: 104 mm
Medietjocklekar: 0.058 mm - 0.18 mm
Maximal ytterdiameter på rulle: 10 cm
Rullens hylsdiameter: 40 mm
Mediamatare: 1 x manuell - 1 rulle - Rulle (11,5 cm)
Nätverk: Printserver
Anslutningar: 1 x RS-232 ¦ 1 x USB - 4-stifts USB typ B ¦ 1 x LAN - RJ-45
Medföljande kablar: 1 x USB-kabel
Egenskaper: Robust
Nätspänning: Likström 24-48 V
Service och support: Begränsad garanti - material och tillverkning - 1 år ¦ Begränsad garanti - skrivhuvud - 1 år eller 1 000 000 tum
Min temperatur vid drift: 5 °C
Max temperatur vid drift: 40 °C
Luftfuktighet vid drift: 20 - 85 % (icke-kondenserande)
Bredd: 23 cm
Djup: 26 cm
Höjd: 12.5 cm
Vikt: 4.5 kg