CAB MACH 4.3S/200B etikettskrivare 5984630

CAB MACH4.3S - 200B - Etikettskrivare - direkt termisk/termisk överföring - avrivning - 203 dpi - upp till 300 mm/sek - centrerad etikett - USB 2.0, LAN, seriell

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16502,5 SEK / st


The MACH 4S provide all features of an industrial printer with a wide application range. The print mechanics and the chassis are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. The large, colored touchdisplay with self-explanatory symbols offers best operability. Labels and ribbons are easy to insert from the front. The centered material guide eliminates any need of adjustments. The hightech electronic board integrates all the needed interfaces as standard and is ready for any connection.