CAB SQUIX 2/300 etikettskrivare 5977030

CAB SQUIX 2/300 - Etikettskrivare - direkt termisk/termisk överföring - avrivning - 300 dpi - upp till 250 mm/sek - 2" bredd - USB 2.0, LAN, seriell

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Flexible printers for industrial applications. Label printers guiding materials aligned to the left. They find use in various areas of use. They have been developed with consistent focus on intuitive usability and highly reliable processing. Print mechanics and chassis are made of high-quality materials and match perfectly in design and function. A wide range of peripherals and software enable user-specific solutions. The rugged printers stand up to any demand, whether operated stand-alone, with a PC or in a network. Print jobs are performed quickly and labels are provided straight away thanks to a high-speed processor.