Labelmate UNI-CAT-STANDARD avrullare / upprullare. Klarar upp till 155mm breda etiketter. Automatisk justering av hastighet.

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Self-teaching to work as rewinder or unwinder. Supports back-feed process for colour inkjet & tension sensitive printers. Auto-Speed Adjustment to align with printer speed. Speed up to 125cm/sec to work with the fastest barcode printers available. Bi-Directional for internal & external winding. New maintenance free, soft-touch control panel with LED-Status-Indicators. Standard with paper guide for straight and tight label rolls, no flanges needed. Standard model comes with a vane-style core holder (metal plates mounted on shaft) for using cores in 76mm. On request available in 38/40/44/50/70/100mm.
The new UNI-CAT is the smartest and most “UNI-VERSATILE” rewinder/unwinder in the Labelmate product range. With various core sizes, label widths, roll diameters and options to choose from, there is a rewinder/unwinder to fit any job you may have. The new UNI-CAT is the perfect companion for any colour-inkjet-printer and all industrial thermal transfer printers.
Max. mediebredd: 155mm
Maximal ytterdiameter på rulle: 300mm
Max. hastighet: 1250mm/sek